Genetic testing provides physicians with information to improve the selection, dosing and evaluation of medications based on each persons unique genetic make-up. Drug Metabolism and Narcotic Risk are proprietary laboratory tests.

Patients get tailored Treatment Plans.

Drug Metabolism

60% of patients do not have adequate pain control with their current medications. This leads a physician to prescribe higher doses, greater potency, and more powerful medications in an attempt to find out the “one” that works…

Reducing the guesswork by determining the patients predisposition to metabolize the medications that are prescribed to help improve selection, dosing and evaluation. These clinically proven tests are pain free, needle free with a cheek swab collected in the office. Drug metabolism testing accuratly identifies drug metabolism rates for most medications prescribed.

Narcotic Risk

3x as many people are addicted to and die from prescription pain medications than all illegal narcotics combined. The challenge to prescribe pain medications is evaluating the risks. The Narcotic risk test helps make sense of the unexpected side effects and treatment failure. By “chasing failure with more drugs” leads to an emerging epidemic of prescription pain medication abuse. Narcotic Risk is far more accurate because it has a 74.4% positive predictive value (+pv). Compared to a doctors current 50/50 chance of accuratly identifying a patient who may become an abuser.

  • Clinically & Financially beneficial to all
  • Easy to integrate into your office
  • CLIA certified Laboratory
  • Tailored treatment for an individual